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Our Principal Designer, Dawn Merkel, has been designing since 2001..  After graduating from the New York School of Interior Design with a degree in Interior Architecture she focused primarily on commercial and corporate design.  These jobs utilized her strengths in coordinating complex and intricate jobs where working with subcontractors became second nature. A love for design and a passion for seeing clients happy are what drive her. 


Each project is developed with imaginative use of spatial organization, innovative materials and a sense of artistry to compliment and create any lifestyle.  Clients are treated with the utmost care. Dawn listens carefully to her clients’ needs and wishes. Dawn's philosophy embraces a myriad of cultural stimuli including: fine food and wine, art and music, nature and the built environment.

"The possiility of creating a space where a family can change, grow and live is fullfilling.  Nothing compares to families living and loving a space that was created from their dreams and  my inspiration.. This is everything to me." 

Dawn Merkel, Principal

Dream... Create... Discover... Love your space......

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